China in the Americas

From Open Source Industrial Policy to Chinese Rap

November 26, 2020 Rasheed Griffith Episode 5
China in the Americas
From Open Source Industrial Policy to Chinese Rap
Show Notes

In this episode I'm speaking with Jordan Schneider, host of the ChinaTalk Podcast.  He also has a great newsletter that you should subscribe to:

We discuss:

  • The possible future of US-China tech competition under the incoming Biden Administration
  • The nature of China's twitter influence campaigns and what we can learn about making viral memes from Russian disinformation operators 
  • Why open source software should be the basis for a new US industrial policy and why China is looking to push that same strategy
  • What we can learn from good Chinese tv shows
  • Why we should all be listening to Chinese rap


  1. American Mandarin Society 'China Syllabi Project'
  2. 隐秘的角落 (Chinese TV show about the drama that ensues after a group of young kids accidentally film a murder.)
  3. 令人心动的offer (Chinese reality show about legal interns. Season 2 is particularly recommended.)
  4. 棋魂 (Chinese TV drama about a Fairy godfather who guides a kid in the ways of Weiqi/Go)


  1. 猎狐 (Chinese police drama about the anti-corruption campaign in China around 2014-2015 to prosecute financial criminals. The official Chinese campaign was called "Operation Fox Hunting".)
  2. 中国新说唱 (Chinese rap/hip content competition show)
  3. Caribbean Soca Music

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Rasheed @rasheedguo

Intro Music: Chronixx - Here Comes Trouble
Outro Music: Farmer Nappy - Big People Party