China in the Americas

Sino-CARICOM Trade Frustrations

November 13, 2020 Rasheed Griffith Episode 3
China in the Americas
Sino-CARICOM Trade Frustrations
Show Notes

Sino-CARICOM trade is a hot topic now. But can a trade agreement between the Caribbean and China actually be useful? In this episode, Alicia Nicholls offers some skepticism on that point.  We had a wide ranging discussion about all things trade within the CARICOM (Caribbean Community): issues from the "One China" Recognition split in the region to the lack of policy capacity to even exploit current trade agreements will continue to frustrate the prospects of a Sino-CARICOM trade agreement.

Guest Bio
Alicia Nicholls is an international trade and development specialist with over a decade of experience working and writing on the area. She is also the founder of the Caribbean Trade Law & Development Blog.  

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Twitter - @LicyLaw

I recommend listeners to check out Alicia's fantastic blog focused on Caribbean trade policy:

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